The design of a small bathroom can be created very originally and stylishly. Recommendations of experts and design photos will help with the arrangement of a small room. Photo of a cozy small bathroom Bathroom without a toilet The design of a small bathroom without a toilet is special. 

It is difficult to place the necessary plumbing and furniture. Features of arrangement: - the use of hinged cabinets; - installation of corner furniture; - use of space near the doorway; - placement of shelves under the bath; - installation of a shower box. 

Installation of the washing machine under the washbasin - another way to save space. Bathroom design in the area of 4 m The area of a small bathroom of 4 square meters allows you to arrange a small combined bathroom. Features: - installation of several lighting devices - one general and local; - placement of furniture items of light shades with glossy facades; - use of hanging items, as well as the toilet bowl and washbasin; 

When creating the design of a small bathroom finish is better to combine. Photo 4-meter room Mini bathroom in 3 m The design of a small bathroom, the area of which is only 3 m2, it is necessary to create a concise, but functional. The features are: - absence of a bathtub - instead of it a shower cabin is installed; - design of a small bathroom washing machine; - finishing the walls with plastic panels or ceramic tiles. 

Laconicity and thoughtfulness in the area of 3 sq. m. New ideas for arrangement of small space Fresh solutions for small areas Hello from the past: the bathroom in "Khrushchevka" Owners of "Khrushchevka" apartments have several problems. The main ones are: - The tiny size of the bathroom; - uneven wall surfaces, skewed coatings, etc.; - inconvenient placement of communications. The solution exists: - transfer of communications; - consolidation of a separate bathroom; - masking of water pipes; - alignment of surfaces. 

Compact plumbing - a big plus Photo of bathroom design in a hruschevka Bathrooms with a shower cubicle For a tiny room, a small shower cubicle will do. Features of placement: - installation of a compact model of the open type with sliding doors; - decorating the room in a modern style (high-tech, modern, etc.); - merging the bathing area with the interior of the room. It is better to use a corner version.



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