White furniture in the living room A living room in white is a winning option. It will disguise any deficiencies, visually expand the space. 

Create a positive atmosphere: it has a soothing effect on the central nervous system, gives a feeling of relaxation, refreshment, will give a charge of positivity.   In order to avoid the interior looking like a hospital ward, it is necessary to combine shades of white with: - beige, - blue, - pistachio.   Advantages Advantages of white furniture for the living room: visual increase in space: the feeling of more light; versatility of combination; soothing atmosphere; practicality.   

Disadvantages But white living room furniture has disadvantages: if you go overboard with the light interior, you can turn the room into a medical ward; white matte, especially glossy, gets dirty quickly.   Basic selection criteria White living room with bright accents is trendy. There are living rooms with inserts of a different tone.     

White furniture for the living room should: be made of environmentally friendly, safe materials; meet standards, be of high quality; have an ideal price-quality ratio. Cabinet furniture White cabinet furniture made of natural wood is a classic. 

For economical projects a bleached beech variant can be used. Mass production uses: ash; pine; birch. Cabinet, white modular living room is durable, practical.   Wall Living room walls give the eye a rest. Classic, matte furniture will serve as a base or background for bright accents. 

Small wall for the living room: saves space; versatile; functional.   Cabinets Popularly used modular white cabinets for the living room. They make it possible to install: a department for TV in the living room; photos, books; bright accessories. Cabinets can be swapped at will.   

Upholstered furniture Upholstered furniture can be: - completely light, - to be combined with bright colors, neutral halftones. Sofa will decorate any living room. Models are available in different configurations, fit into almost any design. They are combined with decorative elements: illumination; pictures; hanging accessories; racks; photos.



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