Bathroom tiles are a classic option. Monocottura, bicottura and majolica products are suitable. The most popular models - mosaic, imitation marble, patchwork, nasenspray kaufen. 

Design option Ceramic tiles for the bathroom Combination of dark and light shades The first ceramic tile appeared in the 2-3 century BC in Egypt. They were between 10 and 50 millimeters in size, and each had a pattern on it. Tiles were used only for decorating the walls of temples and palaces. 

Today - it is one of the most popular materials. Decorating in beige tones This option is one of the most in demand for many years. Meet the criteria: ● Variety of décor. A variety of decorations. ● Ability to realize bold design ideas. Possibility to use in any zone: ● Floors. - Walls. - Steps. - Catwalk. - Ceiling. 

Combination of blue with white Selecting tiles in the bathroom One of the design options Facing the walls with tiles is the most durable option. Before choosing, it is worth examining the varieties of options: ● Monocottura: - Single-fired slab and enamel. - Has a high density. - Ideal for floors and walls. - Tile thickness up to 6 millimeters. Blue shades ● Bicottura Main characteristics: - Double firing. - Thickness from 5 to 7 millimeters. - A highly porous material, inferior to other types. - Water absorption up to 10 %. Patchwork ● Majolica This is a subspecies of ceramics made by a special technology that has a degree of hygroscopicity. 

Bathroom in white Rules of selection of tiles in the bathroom Use of mosaics When choosing tiles, follow the basic rules: ● Tactile Feelings To choose by photo, without touching to the touch - not the most correct option. 

A photo does not convey the depth of color and texture. You only have to rely on your own preferences. ● Semi-matte and matte tiles look presentable and go with almost any style. ● The production date and tone number of the tiles should be the same. Tiles from the same manufacturer in different batches have different shades. Coffee shades ● Attention should be paid to the caliber of the tiles (the information is listed on the package). 

The thickness can vary from 1 to 2 millimeters, which will affect the speed of work (additional alignment is necessary). There are three grades of ceramic tiles. The first is not without flaws, and in the third, the errors can be seen with the naked eye.



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